Galaxy Power Corporation,, the most prestigious and progressive vendor and a leader in the backup power provisioning industry focusing on trade of reliable and the "best in class" inverters for all residential and commercial needs of users all over Tamil Nadu. We are authorized distributors of inverters from Luminous well known branded products in this industry. We are also authorized dealers for Luminous.

Please make sure you visit our showrooms in Anna Nagar for your needs and one of our qualified and experienced sales professionals will guide you in the right direction for your next purchase of an Inverter and/or UPS.

From supply of power to one room apartments to large multistoried buildings, Luminous Inverters are available for every application- Solar Power Inverters, wind power to utility grid.

Luminous Batteries are separately designed for each specific application in (1) Inverters (2) Solar Power and Renewable Energy (3) UPS, Telecom and Other Industrial Applications.
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